Reduce * Reuse * Recycle

Organic Materials (the green bin)

Residential and commercial organics are processed into compost at the Pictou County Solid Waste Compost Facility.  Each May, during Compost Week, a Compost Giveaway is held at the site in Mount William and, at that time, Pictou County residents can pick up 2 free bags of compost. Additional bags of compost can be purchased: $2 (Your Bag), $2.60 (Our Bag) $30 (Tonne). Dates for the Compost Giveaway can be found by entering your address on the homepage of our website.

What's IN the Green Cart? What's OUT of the Green Cart?

All Food Waste:      

Bones, bread, coffee grounds, cooking oil/fat, dairy products, eggshells, fruit &  vegetable peelings, meat/fish, nut shells, rice/pasta, table scraps,tea bags.

 Yard Waste:   

Grass, leaves, twigs, plant waste, sawdust & wood shavings .


 Soiled Paper & NonRecyclable  Paper:                                                                                              Paper hot & cold drink cups (lids/straws  removed), dryer lint, flour/sugar/ potato bags (no plastic), laundry detergent boxes, paper food containers, paper plates,paper towels/napkins, pizza  boxes, waxed cardboard, waxed paper, wrapping paper (no foil or cellophane)


  • Plastics
  • No biodegradable or plastic bags
  • No Styrofoam
  • No milk cartons
  • No dryer sheets
  • No kitty litter or animal feces
  • No personal hygiene items
  • No used tissues
  • No metal
  • No ashes


  • Wrapping food waste in newsprint/boxboard/paper bags helps to eliminate odours.
  • Store smelly items (especially seafood) in the freezer until collection day. Clean out fridge just before collection day.