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Green Cart Organics

Residential and commercial organics are processed into compost at the Pictou County Solid Waste Compost Facility.  Each May, during Compost Week, a Compost Giveaway is held at the site in Mount William and, at that time, Pictou County residents can pick up 2 free bags of compost. Additional bags of compost can be purchased: $2 (Your Bag), $2.60 (Our Bag) $30 (Tonne). Dates for the Compost Giveaway can be found by entering your address on the homepage of our website.

The Following Items Can be Put into the Green Cart:

*Effective July, 2017 - Cat Litter is Now Accepted in the Green Cart*

  • All Food Waste
  • Bones, Meat & Fish
  • Oils/Fats
  • Coffee Grounds/Tea Bags
  • Cat/Kitty Litter & Feces
  • Dairy Items
  • Egg/Nut/Seafood Shells
  • Fruit & Vegetable Peelings
  • Grass, Twigs, Leaves, Plants
  • Sawdust, Wood Shavings
  • Soiled/Wet Paper
  • Paper Plates, Paper Take-Out Containers
  • Paper Napkins, Pizza Boxes, Paper Towels
  • Paper Flour/Sugar/Potato Bags
  • Coffee Cups, Laundry Soap Boxes
  • Waxed Paper Items: Paper/Cardboard/Cups/Ice Cream Containers
  • Dryer Lint
  • Clementine/Strawberry/Blueberry Boxes
  • Non-Foil Giftwrap, Tissue Paper

NO PLASTIC BIODEGRADABLE BAGS! Only paper and cardboard liners are accepted in the green cart.