Reduce * Reuse * Recycle

Organic Materials (the green bin)

All your organics are processed into compost right here at the PCSWM facility, Over 5600 tonnes of organic material was processed into a rich black soil called compost. Every May, during Compost Week we hold our annual compost giveaway. Pictou County residents can pick up 2 free bags of compost. But if you miss it, don’t worry, there’s always lots available for sale. Don't forget to bring your shovel!

Acceptable materials: Not allowed:

All Food Waste:      

Bones, bread, coffee grounds, cooking oil / fat, dairy products, eggshells, fruit &  vegetable peelings, meat/fish, nut shells, rice/pasta, table scraps,tea bags.

 Yard Waste:   

 Grass, leaves, twigs, plant waste, sawdust & wood shavings .


 Soiled Paper & NonRecyclable  Paper:                                                                                              Paper hot & cold drink cups (lids/straws  removed), dryer lint, flour/sugar/ potato bags (no plastic), laundry detergent boxes, paper food containers, paper plates,paper towels/napkins, pizza  boxes, waxed cardboard, waxed paper, wrapping paper (no foil or cellophane)


  • Plastics
  • No biodegradable or plastic bags
  • No Styrofoam
  • No milk cartons
  • No dryer sheets
  • No kitty litter or animal feces
  • No personal hygiene items
  • No used tissues
  • No metal
  • No ashes


  • Wrapping food waste in newsprint/boxboard/paper bags helps to eliminate odours.
  • Store smelly items (especially seafood) in the freezer until collection day. Clean out fridge just before collection day.