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Tips For Recycling and Managing Your Green Cart




    • Make sure blue bags are tied and placed in a visible location, separate from your garbage.
    • Cardboard can be broken down, bundled and placed beside your recycling. It does not have to be bagged.
    • Remember that all recycling material must be in blue transparent bags so that collection staff can verify that the material is properly sorted and identify it from refuse.


    Up to one third of household waste can be composted either by using the green cart program and/or backyard composting. Green Carts— Let’s admit it, we love them and grumble about them all in the same breath. After more than six years, and tons of organic waste collected, your efforts have made the green cart program a success! As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Here are a few tips to help keep your green cart user-friendly this summer:

    • Store the cart in a shady, well ventilated area.
    • Maggots are insect larvae.
    • Rock salt or lime sprinkled in the cart will help prevent them.
    • Wrap meat and bones in paper.
    • Refrigerate or freeze very smelly items (especially seafood) until collection day.
    • Empty your mini-bin often to avoid unpleasant odors in your kitchen. Clean out your fridge a day or two before
      your collection day, not the day after! Put your green cart out for collection even if it’s not full.
    • Wrap organic material in newspaper or place in a light cardboard box such as a cracker or cereal box.
    • Line the bottom of your cart with crumpled newspaper. This will keep the material from getting stuck under the grate and/or prevent material from freezing to the bottom.
    • As weather permits, clean out your cart with some type of cleaning agent. You should also rinse out your mini-bin frequently.
    • Place moth balls in a panty hose stocking and tie it to the handle of the cart. Let the stocking hang inside the cart. This will help eliminate odors.
    • If animals are a problem, store the cart away from fences or trees. You can also keep the cart lid shut with a bungee cord.
    • Dog feces, kitty litter, plastics, ashes, biodegradable “plastic” bags, styrofoam and milk cartons DO NOT go in the green cart!