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Pictou County Solid Waste is dedicated to reducing waste in homes, businesses, communities and classrooms. We work together with Pictou County residents to make waste reduction a priority. Through our education programs we are able to promote proper sorting and waste management. Our programs include interactive classroom presentations, public presentations for all ages, event greening and business education. Details about each program below.

DivertNS is a not-for-profit corporation that helps drive the culture of waste reduction and recycling in Nova Scotia. DivertNS has created easy to use, curriculum aligned lesson plans for grades P-6. Get them for free here: 


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Online Learning

Since we can't meet in-person during the COVID-19 pandemic we've decided to go virtual! We are offering free virtual engagement sessions so that you can learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle from the comfort of home. 

Information on each online session is listed below. To book a session with us just click on the title of a webinar you are interested in and send us your preferred date and time. Our educator will confirm the booking and send you a meeting invitation to the workshop. For a presentation on a topic not listed below please email 

IMPORTANT: The workshops are hosted through Microsoft Teams, which is not compatible with the Safari web browser. 
If you're using a mobile device (tablet, iPad, or smartphone), you will need to download the free Microsoft Teams app from Google Play or the App Store. As with all third-party apps it is the user’s responsibility to review the app’s Privacy Notice and Terms of Use.

What Goes Where: Sorting It Out

30 minutes

Have you ever questioned which bin to put something in? Let us help you sort it out! This workshop will cover all the basics and help get you on the right track.

Refuse to Waste!

30 minutes

In this webinar, we explore how businesses can reduce their waste and how consumers can reduce waste when shopping! Join us and help stop waste before it starts. #NothingWasted

 Backyard Composting for Beginners

30 minutes

Have you ever considered trying backyard composting? In this webinar, we will cover everything you need to know to get started. Save money, help the planet, and watch your garden grow! 

Vermicomposting: The Wonderful World of Worms!

30 minutes

Are you curious about vermicomposting? In this webinar, we’ll go through everything you need to keep your red wigglers happy so that you end up with great results!


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Residential Education

Are you a landlord in Pictou County? Unsorted garbage can result in higher costs for you. Let’s get everyone on the same page! Our educator can provide information packets to each resident in your building to ensure that everyone has the proper tools to sort their waste correctly. We are happy to speak with residents and answer any and all their questions. Check out our Resources page for more helpful information for landlords!


Public Presentations

Does your business or community group sometimes struggle with properly sorting waste? We can help! Our educator is happy to visit your group or business to speak about ‘What Goes Where’ and provide resources for proper sorting. Are you up to date with waste management practices in Nova Scotia? We will make sure you know everything there is to know about sorting waste, composting, recycling and effective waste management. Let us help you get a little greener!


Classroom Presentations

Our educator is available for classroom presentations at no cost. In the classroom you can expect curriculum-aligned lesson plans focused on recycling, composting and waste reduction that are suitable for grades P-12. The Environmental Education Program helps inspire students to take an active role in reducing, reusing, and recycling at school and at home. Presentations can be tailored to meet your classes needs and learning objectives. Presentation topics can include: Recycling 101, History of Garbage, Diversity of Life (Ocean Plastics and Ocean Life), Reducing our Footprint and more. All presentations are interactive and a great opportunity to learn more about our environment! Fill our the form below to book a presentation or call (902) 396-1495.


Site Tours

Come visit us! We’d would be happy to arrange a tour of our facility for students. Get a first hand look of how your garbage, recycling and compost is handled once it is picked up off the curb! Learn all about waste reduction and the impact our garbage has on the earth. These tours teach the importance of taking care of our planet. To book a tour, fill out the form below and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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