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YES. All vehicles are weighed at the scale upon entering the site and charged accordingly.
Yes, you can put out one solid colored bag and three clear bags.
YES. The haulers will be able to distinguish the materials set out by the colour of the bags.
Broken glass is not recyclable and could injure our collectors. Place it in a sealed container or box, marked broken glass, and place it beside your clear bag.
NO, You do not have to remove labels, however, all material must be clean and dry.
All bagged waste delivered to the Pictou County Solid Waste Management Facility must be in CLEAR bags including C& D waste.
NO. Pictou County has a cart-based organics program in which compost is produced very quickly. For that reason, these types of items do not have time to decompose in the process.

For roll-off & front end containers contact Red Devil at (902) 396-4011 or GFL at (902) 755-6638

YES. However, you will need to dump the garbage out into a clear bag, then throw the dirty grocery bag in the clear bag.
Yes, you may continue to use your solid coloured bags if you only put one bag out. If you have more than one garbage bag, you must use clear bags for the remaining items. Blue Bags must be used for recycling.
NO. According to the Pictou County Solid Waste Management Bylaw, all collection containers and green carts must be removed by the end of collection day. This includes any uncollected material or litter produced.
Microwaves are considered regular garbage. If yours is a smaller, countertop model, it may be placed at the curb as one item. The larger models must be brought to the Waste Management Facility at Mount William for disposal.
These items can be brought to the Waste Management Facility at Mount William for disposal. You are no longer required to have the freon gas removed - it is removed on site.
Diapers and baby wipes go in the GARBAGE. This applies to those which are labelled "compostable" as well. No human waste is permitted in the green cart.

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