About Event Greening:

Event Greening is the process of incorporating environmentally friendly choices throughout all stages of event planning and execution and it is a commitment to reducing the waste generated at your event. It’s easy to reduce your waste if you have the proper bins and signage in place.

How We Can Help:

As part of the Provincial and Municipal Solid Waste Regulations, all events must have receptacles available to the public for source separation. Pictou County Solid Waste has blue, black and green roll carts for larger events and sorting stations for smaller events. All our containers come with the appropriate signage to help your event attendees figure out what goes where. These containers are on a first come, first serve basis, so book early as containers are limited. To book yours, fill out the form below or call the Waste Reduction Hotline number at 902-396-1495. Should you require further assistance our Educator would be happy to help with your event greening, please contact sasha.barnard@pcssa.ca for assistance.

Please note: The borrower is responsible for picking up and dropping off roll carts, as well as disposing of their material at Pictou County Solid Waste.

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Event Greening Resources:

DivertNS Greening Guide

Sorting Guide

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