• Trucks and trailers must tarp or net materials
  • All vehicles MUST check in at the scale
  • Public Drop-Off height clearance: 9.3 ft - larger vehicles please use the transfer station
  • All garbage brought into the facility must be in clear bags
  • Recyclables brought into the facility must be in blue bags
  • All food must be de-packaged and composted
  • Garbage generated outside of Pictou County will NOT be accepted
  • Waste will be inspected at the facility, unsorted loads can be rejected or double charged
  • No scavenging is permitted on site
  • No smoking is permitted on site

Please see our sorting guides to determine what goes where:  Residential Sorting Guide OR Business Sorting Guide

For a list of accepted 'Household Hazardous Waste' materials Click Here

For a list of accepted Construction & Demolition materials: Click Here


                 Download a site map herePCSW 2020 Site Map